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Therapy Services

Face to Face Counselling Sessions in Maylandsea, Essex, CM3


Face to face sessions at The Zen Garden

1, Blackwater Marina, The Esplanade, Maylandsea, Chelmsford CM3 6AL

Counselling sessions are held in this cosy therapy room located on the banks of the Blackwater river. 

Online Counselling

I also offer counselling sessions online via Zoom as I know it can feel more flexible and convenient for some, especially those who have busy schedules. I understand some people find it easier to develop and maintain relationships virtually, too, which is perfect for counselling as it very much depends on the consistency and depth of the therapeutic relationship.   

Telephone Counselling

I understand that for some, being on camera feels overwhelming and uncomfortable, therefore I also offer telephone counselling to ensure that my services are accessible to all. A perk of telephone counselling is that you gain an extra layer of privacy and confidentiality knowing that you cannot be seen.   


Each session will last for 50 minutes

Reduced Rate Counselling Sessions


For counsellors/psychotherapists including those undertaking core practitioner training

Counselling Sessions


Held either in person, online or via telephone

Unsocial Hour Counselling Sessions


Counselling sessions held on Saturday's or after 7pm weekdays

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"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are"

- Carl Jung

Please note:

Sessions are to be paid for via bank transfer 24 hours ahead of our arranged meeting time to secure each booking.

I currently offer counselling services to adults aged 18 and over only and to those who are located in either England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

With exemption from where I am lawfully bound, all communication from prospective clients will be regarded as confidential.

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